Ginger Bread Man

I love men with red hair. It's an obssession. Most of my friends call me weird because they think redheaded men are ugly. Well, what if I said big-lipped, dark-skinned Mexicans are ugly? Exactly.

Anyway, I had crushes on 90% of the gingers at school. (We had very few white people, and like, five of the males were redheaded. Trust me, I knew.) I find that men with red hair are just.. breathtaking. The pale skin, the freckles.. It's so attractive. I love them! Ah, but alas, they don't love me.. Oh well. I shall watch your beauty from afar!

I once saw this redheaded man at a bakery. He was so unbelievably gorgeous. I could hardly order my pastry without stuttering. Afterwards, I nicknamed him "The ginger bread man." I saw him almost everyday for a month, and then he wasn't working there anymore. *sigh*

Oh well. Anyway.

To all redheaded men! If you ever feel like your red hair is unattractive, just know that you are some of the most beautiful creatures on Earth!
duClo duClo
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2 Responses Sep 23, 2012

love redheaded men!!!! my aphrodisiac!!!

I'm a redhead, in my mid 40s. Wish I met someone like you years ago.

Awww! *hugs*