I Need My Iron !

Red meat is the best source of dietary iron, heme iron the kind that is best absorbed and assimilated. I have a chronic form of anemia and I crave Red Meat, especially raw lamb, mutton, deer and beef. Some may knock red meat as "bad" for ones health, because it contains saturated fat, really, so what, believe it or not, the saturated fat in red meat, stearic acid isĀ  not harmful to your health, contrary to what some may have you think. Red Meat, especially mutton and beef is a great source of CLA, a fatty acid with many health benefits.
sneakyfox sneakyfox
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Everything in moderation is good for you. I love meat have a passion and obsession for leather and fur and enjoy watching pigs and piglets getting roasted on a spit, such a satisfying event. I am such an animal lover!

Looks like she will grow up the being an animal lover like us.....Lol!...God bless her xx