And Now For a Very Important Announcement

So, I went to the grocery store this evening, and of course, the Easter display is right there as you walk in the door.  I think - eeewww - I bet they have PB eggs - oh, yes they did!  BUT... I remember someone talking about PB Bunnies and I was thinking the same size as the eggs, and I had not seen those - BUT no, they are HUGE and now there are HUGE PB eggs!  Wow - that's a lot of Reese's PB Cup - I think I would go into a sugar coma - but it would be so worth it and I would definitely have a smile on my face!

Anyway, go forth and get those eggs, bunnies and super eggs - they are calling your name!  (and I answered the call, but restrained myself for the small eggs and only 1 per person in my house - until I go to the store again!)  

AnalyticalAly AnalyticalAly
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Did you all know that chocolate is a vegetable??<br />
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I will post it as a story in this experience before tonight over!!<br />
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That should make us all feel healthier!

AnalyticalAly, no i haven't. Hearts would be scrumptious.<br />
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We are talking about two of the MAJOR food groups ... Chocolate and Peanut Butter!

thanks, aly, i'm officially over my nausea! now i'm starving, lol!<br />
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and YES on the ice cream thing--i want chocolate with pb ribbons, not the reverse! ;)

Oh, Josie - have you seen the hearts, christmas trees and pumpkins????<br />
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YUM - and I totally agree - 2 of my favorites - chocolate and peanut butter - reese's, pouring chocolate syrup in a PB Jar (special memories attached to that), and Chocolate PB Ice Cream (Chocolate Ice Cream with ribbons of PB - not the other way around!).<br />
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Find the eggs! My favorite part of Easter!

thanks, aly, i can't wait! i could eat one now, if i wanted, although it'd taste like putty! that's all i've been tasting since yesterday! :P<br />
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ooh josie, you should go look for the eggs next time you're out. they're everywhere now, with easter coming up. they're delicious, and festive too! :)

Love Reses PB Cups. Two favorites Peanut Butter and Chocolate together. Ahhhh! Ummmm!<br />
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i haven't seen these eggs though.

I could really use one - easter egg would be good - right about now!<br />
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RG - May you get better faster and be able to eat one too!

i always thought i was alone in this! but apparently not. there really IS something about the huge stuff that's different!<br />
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i'm a real sucker for the hoilday treats too. those displays are too tempting to pass up!

Oh, I love the eggs, trees, pumpkins, hearts - but the big stuff - I agree with you on that - I LOVE peanut butter but that is too much without chocolate!<br />
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Thanks for the comment!

I really like the original but the holiday and extra large sized stuff never seems as good. Maybe the proportions are off, I don't know.