Ahora Es....

Wow.  I know im new to reggaeton and all, but ive been listening to as much as i can get my hands on for like the past 3 years.  And now, ive stummbled upon this new to me, but old song called Ahora Es, by Wisin y Yandel.  And yes, i have a crush on Yandel, and its not his looks that got me hooked its his voice.  Something about it makes me melt. I love all of his hooks and what not, but he's no Don Omar.  LOL.  But when he hits that hook/chorus part, "Anoche. Anoche sone contigo.  Sonaba que te besaba..."  Woo.   LOL.  I mean, Wisin he alright, but he dont do like Yandel does on a track.  I guess im not really into rap anymore. 

Anyways, i hope they keep doing what they do - entertaining me and the masses. 

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Mar 2, 2009