Well Met Fellow Rennies!

Good morrow all! I am new to the project. My first faire was Bay Area in Tampa at MOSI and I am a kilted lad. I do not have a home faire as of yet for I have not attended any more than once and I am not cast but a playtron.  In the past 2 yrs. I've attended 6 different faires and I am currently going through ren withdrawl. Hopefully I can battle that here. Just wanted to throw out an intro.

Fare thee well all!

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Tampa, I'm jealous. My first time sewing garb was a kilt, I still wear it occassionally. Glad to have you among us Tekkamaki!

Hello! I just got back from the Tampa Bay Festival this weekend! It was a lot of fun, so much to see and do. I made a kilt for my husband and he was actually very proud to wear it, show some of his Scottish heritage. It was my first time sewing one but oh the history of it is fascinating. Glad to meet another kilt wearer and renaissance goer!

I would have to say Tampa or Ohio..

Which Faire is currently your favorite?

a fairy forest sounds cool! and hey, it's even halfway close lol

My next faire will probably be Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival this summer. It's a newer faire, only a couple years old, but every year they add more permanent structures and they're cast is awesome. Any of you guys get the chance to attend this one jump at it. It gets bigger and bigger every year. They also have a fairy forest!<br />
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I went to my first Ren Faire as a chaperone when my son was in 6th grade. We had the best time. I went again 4 years ago with my sister, North of Charlotte, NC. We had such a fantastic time, we have planned a return visit each year since! I'm hooked. I hope to make the one this spring South of Atlanta again. So much fun!


No fair that there's no Faire around here.

I'm a big fan too! I don't really have a costume, but I wsih I had one. I have been the the Faire in Colorado and some in Michigan. Man, now you've got me thinking about it. I wish it Faire time now.

I love 'em too! Went to the Apache Junction, AZ Faire every year for about 8 years. Grew up on LI, NY and went to the Catskill Mountain Ren Faire at Sterling Forest in Tuxedo, NY about a dozen times. I've acquired plenty of garb and my hubby also enjoys the playacting of it all. Does a mean Irish brogue. Huzzah!