Niecy Nash

This woman is phenomenal.  I was blessed to catch an interview from her on NPR and I learned that she has 3 children and plety of obstacles that stood between her and success.  Did you know she actually took her children with her to an audition that led to her being chosen for Reno 911? 

Goes to show you...if you want something bad enough you'll exhaust all resources to get it.  Shes a real inspiration.

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Thank you Iza! :) *smiles* There is something beautifully touching about a woman who possess talent and a determined spirit! She is one of many of us. Doesn't she make you proud?

lol, they are so retarded. I love it!<br />
<br />
What about all of the stuffed animals full of cocaine that they flushed down the toilet? Do you remember that episode?

The one about the fake anthrax people. They get the envelope with powder in it and they all taste it to see if it is drugs.

This one is super funny too.<br />

I really like Trudy. I have probably already watched ALL of the latest episodes. Which is your favorite? <br />
<br />
I just finished watching this one.<br />

I watch that show all the time, Trudy is great.

I love this show Markie... The gay skater dude cracks me up. He's rideculous.... I love Trudy too. You should give it a try flour

I dont really watch it but my family has had it on!