Rent Head

I have been inlove with rent since i was in third grade, i will admit though i feel in love with the Movie first then again you never here much about lots of musical when your my age and plus Rent was first in New york and i am in Minnesota, RENT is just the number one thing that brings me and my sister together, like when we here that Rent is on tour we discuss who will pay for the Tickets the best on by far is the one with the original Anthony Rapp(Mark), and Adam Pascal (Roger) It was the best ever then i got to meet them, it was a dream come true to me, me and my sister were so upset that the fact the RENT on broadway had closed last year though i was very upset because that was the number one wish getting to see it on broadway, then i heard that Anthony Rapp came out with a book on his life and what was RENT like which i loved people should read it it is called Without you by Anthony Rapp RENT is an all inspiring movie and Play Thank you Jonhathan Larson and RIP

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18-21, F
Feb 21, 2010