Why I <3 Re6..

These sexy ladies... ;)

Helena Harper (alternative mercs costume, Sexy cop)

and my ALL TIME FAVE...

Ada Wong (the femme fatale) <3 <3

This game is over all good...but there were some down falls. I HATE the new health system...and some of the QTEs were pretty lame. :P
I've also noticed that Ada is beginning to look less Asian in the newer games.. You all should play this game!! :D
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Whoo! Ada Wong! Sexiest character but has the hardest campaign

I thought her's was pretty easy! I think Chris' is the hardest :/

His can be difficult at times,I'm on the final boss in Chris' but I haven't beaten the first part in Ada's

I literally beat Ada's campaign in like an hour. Carla is a pretty hard boss tho. And that annoying chainsaw man..

I haven't gotten out of the submarine! Lol

Lmao oh jeez..good luck!

Thanks is the first part co-op? Or just solo

Both. I played through on solo but there is an Agent character you can play on co-op if you have been updating your RE6 game

Oh,well my game glitched and let me select the last section of charter one and know I'm on chapter 2!

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I played this game on the ps1 when it came out and it was probably the scariest game then !! hasn't it evolved from then. would love to be your friend, add me and see how we go. take care and dont get eaten

haha I never played it for PS1. I've only played 4, 5, &amp; 6. Some of them can be very scary..I will try not to get eaten.