Resident Evil 5!!

I got it yesterday and have already played about 6hrs worth!  Here are some comments of the game of what I've seen so far.


There are different settings for controls. I find type D as the easiest.  At first it's hard to adjust to the controls because many of us are used to using the X button to shoot, but that is not the case here.  After some practice and time the controls to gain a bit of comfort to your fingers.


The graphics are pretty amazing.  The cuts scenes are funt to watch.  Plus, the mouths of the characters moving with the words is so much more believable.  The barrels and boxes reappear as they did in Resident Evil 4.  And it's nice this time to have a girl comrade that can kick butt (stupid Ashley). 


The majinis which are the basic enemy are relatively easy to kill, but there are several of them and they are annoying.  Some of them have dynamite and fire crossbows.  So far, there is also the "upgraded" majini which have long appendages that come out of the head.  Flash grenades kill those like they did in RE4.  There's the majini executioner.  He's a big guy with a giant axe and it takes a bit to kill him.  Afterwards, you get a ring worth 5,000.  If you want advice on how to kill him the first time you meet him just message me.


In RE5 you don't have to search for the wandering merchant either.  Which is nice.  You can upgrade the items yourself.  Also, keep an eye out for blue medallion-like items in the levels.  They are bigger then the ones in RE4 and are a lighter color.  And they aren't always hanging on a string.  They look like they're stuck to the wall like the those stick-on pressing lights.


There are many more enemies to come.  So far this game has been pretty fun.  Let me know if you have questions.  I will be finishing the game in the next week or so.



Marri Marri
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2 Responses Mar 14, 2009

I never actually played 5 so you'll have to keep us updated on what happens! :) I played some of 1 (*cough* Jill sandwich!) and all of 4 and *still* working on 6

Wesker is the bomb XD