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After my little wet night that I wrote about previously, I took my peed panties and hung them up on the hook on the shower caddy in the bath to dry. I awoke the next morning, not wanting to get out of my warm bed but needed to pee badly. I trudged to bathroom, sat down on the toilet and was about to do my business when I remembered what was hanging in the shower. I stood up and took them off the hook. They were still a little damp. They were almost a uniform shade of very pale yellow. I brought them to my nose and smelled them - a faint mix of pee balanced against the fresh scent of fabric softener. I'm normally a very clean and hygenic person but having pee-stained panties somehow objectifies my dirty little thoughts and desires. I slipped out of the t-shirt I slept in, stepped into the bath and slid on the damp panties. They felt cool against the heat of my crotch. I was about to let go right there when I thought I wanted a better view. I threw a towel down on the floor in front of the sink so I look at myself in the mirror. I let out a little squirt and watched as a small, very yellow patch formed. I couldn't help but rub myself through the wet spot for a little bit before releasing another larger squirt. This one turned most of the front wet. I took my left hand and cupped it underneath and completely released. Whatever pee wasn't absorbed by my undies fell through my fingers, dripping down both legs as I watched the whole show. When I stopped I laid down on the wet towel. I took my wet hand from my crotch and brought it my face. This was morning pee and the smell was strong. I loved it. I sucked my fingers into my mouth and began rubbing myself as I pleasured in the taste of me. I brought myself to an intense ****** then laid there for a few minutes relaxing. When I got up, I took off my panties and placed them back on the hook on the shower caddy in the bath.
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Oh! what sheer pleasures you enjoy. Even nicer if you share them with a kind hearted like-minded man!

I love the smell of yesterday's pee as I re wet.

And the day before that.

And last week's, and last month's....

I'm sorry, Allison - I should have taken the time to read your earlier stories before commenting on a later one about doing just this.

I wish there were more girls like you.

you´re the kind of girl i like.<br />
i also like to wet and rewet my panties and pants again and again.<br />
keep on wetting allison

you´re the kind of girl i like.<br />
i also like to wet and rewet my panties and pants again and again.<br />
keep on wetting allison

i bet you glad you remembered... i know i am, thats a great little story x

Wish you had a video of your wetting session ... I love close-ups of the panties getting that first wet spot bleed through ... then the leeting go and getting thoroughly soaked ...

Should have put the shirt back on left the panties on and hopped in for your morning shower wearing the shirt and panties! Rinses out the panties without actually "washing" them! Take some pics sometime and share with us! I know I'd love to see...

Yummy. That sounds so delicious. I love re-peed panties. I find they begin to feel thicker as the pee la<x>yers build up. And then there's the wonderful aroma. Mmmm. Just let me know if you need any help with those wet things....

That was very erotic. I've only been peeing my panties 4 a short time but I'm really in2 it and rewetting my panties has become one of my fav things 2 do. I also do what U do but not on the bathroom floor. :-)