A Typical Rewetting Day...

I sitting at my computer and I can smell my panties.  I started by ******* on my belly and quickly raising my panties but soon that was not enough.   It never is.  I was sitting watching TV with my sweat pants over my panties and I really wanted to be wet.  I peed just enough to wet my panties from the front down to the crotch, waited for them to dry for a few minutes and then peed them again.  After 15 or 20 minutes I again had to pee and that too went into my panties.  I could almost smell them and that made me very excited so I went into the bathroom and quickly *********** then peed in my panties one more time.  I started about 8 this morning and it is a few minutes after 4 in the afternoon and I'm again wet and it feels and smells perfect!  I'l be ******* in these panties again and again today but I just had to share my experience with another.  I just love the smell and feel of panties (and pants!) that have been peed into again and again.  Stay wet....

kellyjam kellyjam
70+, M
3 Responses Feb 25, 2010

I love wetting at the computer during work. Sometimes my penis gets loose and I pee on my belly and let it drain on my balls.

I know how you feel, I too love to wet into my undies; wetting each time the last drops have nearly dried. This is the best way to build up handsome yellow stains and create those heavenly stale pee smells.<br />
I never do a wee-wee without letting some go into my undies. I'm at my computer and, like you; am damp and smelling of old ****.

They are a delight for the senses. They feel so nice, they smell great, they're fun to lick for the tangy flavor, the sound of pee hissing into them is wonderful, and they look much better with multiple overlapping golden rings on them from being wet so often.