Wet... And Wet A Little More

At 15 I started to wonder about peeing and how it felt...

I loved the beach so my family went almost everyday. We would go play for a few hours go home. Relaxing... One day I had a little bit too much to drink... 2 colas, 3 waters, and the ocassional sea water.

 I was walking to get some fries when I really had to go. I went to my mom gave her the fries and asked my dad where the bathroom was. He paused and then pointed at the ocean.

I refused imediattly and told to tell the truth. He then told me that the beach doesn't have a bathroom (SOME BEACH!!!) the beach was way crowded so I didn't have the guts to out in the ocean and pee. Everyone was in the water. I decided to hold it for as long as possible. 

Then 2 cute younge boys fooling around with water guns accidental shot me with the warm water. I started to dribble... I ran to the ocean and relived myself in my bikini. People around me started to move away from the warm pee but I stayed acually enjoying it.

From that day onward, I would go to the bathroom in the ocean and swim in my pee. It became part of the schedual. After a long day on the beach I was cleaning my room when I found some old panties. I was thin then but before that I'd admit I was a little large... So the panties had elastic waste and fit perfect. They were main color white with a pic of a rainbow on the butt and a plain front. 

I never would wear them to school so I threw them out. Suddenly I had an idea... I would pee those panties. When everyone was asleep I went to the bathroom grabbing the old panties. I put them on... I look like a 15 year old in sone 8 year old's panties. I took my pants off. Then I tried to pee my panties. 

I just wouldn't do it. I put my hand under warm water, nothing. Drank more water, nothing. Everything failed. I was about to give up but I then had an idea. I put on my pants and walked out. I laied in bed for afew minutes then ran to the bathroom. I got there pulled only my pants off then sat on the tolit. I worked! I was peeing my panties. I took off the panties then threw them away. 

Once again, I had an idea. I took those panties out of the garbage and hid them in my closet so they can dry up. I woke up went through the day and at night I peed again. 

Every night it was easier to just let loose. It was fun. They started to even turn yellow! My Closet also just smelt like pee. So I would leave the closet open to drain the smell. After my room would start to smell.

Soon my parents got suspicious... One night I heard them talking about the smell. They came to conclusion that I wet the bed once and didn't clean up. They asked me and I agreed to cover up. 

I was realizing I had to stop.., but I didn't want to. One night after I just peed I threw the panties away and never looked back. I had to stop! I would get caught,  I won't have friends, smell bad, etc.

The summer past and school started. I went a whole year without peeing... Until summer again. I was 16, and started remembering the fun I had the last year. I looked for a week searching for old panties. No luck.., but as I checked the bathroom, I found some old infint diapers.

I had an idea! I was going to pee the diapers! My dreams shattered as I realized how small the diaper was and how big my butt was. I was thinking hard and found I could stuff my panties with these infint diapers. I could pee whenever, whereever I wanted! 

I laied three diapers in my green panties. I looked in the mirror and saw just the ends of the diapers sticking out and a very padded butt... I pulled my pants back up and went to the mall.

I was just stupid... I didn't expect Anything to happen. I went to the mall and found a skirt. I went to the dressing room and took my pants off and saw the diapers. So I decided to just pee there. I peed very little so I tried harder. I pushed and push more and more came out. I was light headed at the time and didn't hear the distint farts.

 I was grunting and farting and some one knocked asking if I was okay. I replied fine And continued. I then without warning pooped the diaper followed by the usual pee. It sagged down so I hAd to put my pants back on. The diapers leaked and half of the pee looked like diarrehha from going through the poop. The pee was visible o 

I walked around the mall to get to my car. That's when I ran into my friend Kim. You can call her my friend but she liked to embarrass me. So we started to talk and went to the food court. I sat down and felt the poop squish on my butt. She knew something was up but ignored it. She then asked for a trip home since her mom dropped her off.

Her house was very far away but I agreed. She fell asleep on the way and I continued to her house. A mile to, I had a wicked idea. I pulled over and flicked her... " flick!" " flick!" "flick!"

She didn't awake so I went to step two. She had a short skirt on so I pulled her panties down. I then shoved the flat poop in her panties. I put her panties back on and you could see the poop shine through her white panties. I took a picture and continued on my way.

She woke soon after and turned bright red. She then got out of the car when we arrived at her house, speachless. I went home and got rid of the diapers. I never made the mistake of bringing diapers to the mall...  
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waw can u put some in mine and I will have it in there all day tb x

Well, your mistake at the mall was not wearing the correct size diaper. <br />
I like the story of you struggles to pee your panties, too. It can be hard to overcome years of training in order to enjoy the "bliss of ****". I started doing similar things, though I was much younger when I started. I'd hide my "special yellowed underpants" either under my dresser, or down in the basement behind a cabinet. I guess it was the aroma that got them discovered. They'd show up in my dresser drawer again, all clean and white. Nothing was ever said about them, since I was a known bedwetter. I suppose my parents thought I'd had an accident and just hidden them. Yeah. More like 8 accidents, and they had lovely overlapping yellow stains. I still enjoy that, and have several pairs of very yellowed underpants. My oldest go back to May of 1995 (nearly as old as you). And take a look at my EP icon...it's actually a close-up, cropped picture of one of my yellowed underpants :-)