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sometimes wen im home alone all day ill just put on a pair of panties and pee in them all day, even if i go out ill put clothes on and pee in them by the end of the day they are saturated, it feels good as they get wetter and wetter and tighter on my ****... oh its so so so good


i can think of one day in particalar

i woke up naked with a wet bed (not uncommon for me) i sat in it 4 a while and *********** and making my bed wetter mmmm i decided to get up shower and wash the sheets...so i gt up showered and dressed i had white panties on and short skirt and a top....i put the sheets in the wash and realised that my housemate must have used all of the detergant so i had to go to the supermarket for that i didnt want her to find my wet mess so i just grrabed my bag and ran to the supermarket...on the way i needed another pee as i was walking to the shop i just dribbbled my knickers making them wetter and wetter  it was great i love peeing in public i was getting a buzz from this and was gettin pretty excited that i was doing it and noone knew....i gt to the supermarket still dribbling in my knickers now and then got the detergent and went home my knickers were soaked betime i got home so i done the washing and chilled out for a bit a bit later i needed another wee so i went to the bathroom (i had no intention of using the loo but i didnt want to get pee on the sofa) i sat on the loo and peed thro my damp knickers mmmm they were soaked again i rubbed my knickers against my **** it felt so good rubbing my pee alover my ***** i came pretty quickly and went back to watching the tv... my mate camehome from work a bit later and said we had to go 4 dinner as she had some voucher and it was good food etc i agreed and we agreed a time we would go she showered and gt ready and i went to get changed, my panties were still damp and as i took off my day clothes off minus my panties and got changed i was now wearin a cute lil dress...and my already damp panties we went to the resturant and after a few glasses of wine i needed tho loo again so i gt up and went to the toilet bt there was a queue i was busting by now and decided to just go standing in the queue, i dribbled a bit down my leg but noone noticed...my panties were soaked again mmmm i went back to the table with soaking panties it was exciting because noone in the resturant knew my knickers were wet except me mmmm was nice...after dinner my friend and i decided we would go 4 a few after dinner drinks in the bar oppisite, so there i was in this bar with soaking pants getting hornier  and hornier after a few more drinks i needed to go again we were sat down in a dark corner so i just went ther and then we were so busy talking she didnt know an hour later i needed again i was gettin tipsey by now and we were sat talking to sme boys and i just went my knickers were drenched and i had left a wet patch on the seat....luckly in the sprit of drunkness one of the boys spilt his beer allover my lap and my seat the wetness made me want to go again by now my knickers were absolulty soaked bt i had a cover up, i was quite relived he had spilt his drink all over me bt being a drama queen i kicked up a fuss and called it a night...the real reason was because i was so horney my panties were soaking and i just wanted to go home and have fun....i gt in a cab and went home....as i was looking for my keys i was busting 4 the loo again so i just went, found my keys and ran in to the house shut the door and just layed in front of it and played with myself and my pissy panties....mmm that was a good day

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Nice id love to have a pair of your silky wet pee panties,lol

thats got me really horny girl, hope you dont mind if i just read some more of your stories ;)

fantastic story, loved it.

Will you sit instead?

It's really good to know there are people who dare to just go out not bothering to change, but playing it down neglecting it in stead, I love iT<br />
<br />
You should be more carefull, because I will walk in on you one day and recognise you by the smell, and I don't stand in for the consequences ;-)

I'd like 2 hav the nerve 2 do what U did.

One or two extra days wearing them, and you'll be well on your way :p

when i go to a bar whit some girlfriends i always end up peeing my pants <br />
the girls now that i pee and that its making me horny<br />
i even have a orgasme sometimes <br />
i also like it when everybody can see that i wet my pants

platerpuss <br />
<br />
What a great experience with peeing you have. I pee the bed a lot and it feels so good.

that story really truned me on, i would love to have some fun with you and your wet panties,

I bet those panties had a lovely salty flavor (or would you spell it flavour). In either case, I'd love to taste them....as well as those other salty bits down there. And being the thirsty type, I'd thoroughly enjoy any golden flow that you had to offer. Mmmmm.


A wonderful day indeed. Thanks for sharing.