Rice, a Great Staple of Our Diets!

Growing up in an italian household, there were not many recipes for rice. There was creamy rosotto rice that could be cooked in different recipe's both savory and sweet. I developed a love for rice from eating Chinese food. There are so many different kinds of rice. They all have a different taste. Short grain, medium grain, long grain, jasmine rice, basmati rice, brown rice, wild rice. The list is endless and the things you can make with rice is endless.  I love rice, any kind of rice, just about any way it can be cooked!

JojoWazoo JojoWazoo
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8 Responses Mar 14, 2009

especially in rice pudding with cinnamon and raisins! MOM's, HERE I COME!!!!LOL

Mmmmm risotto.... I love arborio rice, its such good comfort food!

Well, my friends. You know the old saying......Everything in moderation! Between rice and mashed potatoes, I'm in trouble! LOL

I thought you'd be there Mrs. Yoo! LOL

Me too but I also love that short grained, creamy Arborio!

We could not live without rice! I love it, too, and basmati is my favorite, followed by jasmine.

I always wondered about that myself. I think it's because they incorporate so many fresh veggies in their diet too. Less fat. I wish I knew!

I wish I could eat rice. There's SO many carbohydrates in such a small serving that I don't eat it. Well, once in a while I will but it's not a part of my regular diet. I don't know how Asian/Oriental people have it as a staple and stay so little!!!