My Almost 30 Year Love Of Rick Springfield!

ok so get comfy this will take a while!  when i was like 9 years old my parents fought like crazy both alcoholics and promiscuous. i had seen the video for

"Jessie's girl" and thought wow he is cute. so i saved up the money and bought the album. got it home and listened to it and the very last song "Inside Sylvia" changed my life. his voice was so calming and made me feel safer than i ever had. i was in love! at least how much a 9 yr old could be. whenever my parents fought i would put on those old clunky headphones and listen over and over to"inside Sylvia"   as time went on he became my world. you couldn't see my walls for all the rick pics! and when my best friend and i were like 12 or so we decided to make a plan to leave our little sleepy town the minute we graduated high school. and we were going to drive to California and find rick and John stamos (her love) and they would fall madly in love with us and we could be neighbors and live happily ever after. now remember we were so young and it really seemed like a great plan. the best part looking back is that every time i was really low because of my home life and stuff my bf knew it and we would get out a road map and work on our plan. you see rick was my light at the end of the tunnel. if i could survive thru high school i could get to him and be safe and warm like in the song. well fast forward to 1999. i was a grown woman married  and getting ready to have my second child. when who should appear back on the scene? yep! rick! i got to go to my first rick concert when i was 5 months pregnant! wouldn't you know it i would need rick's strength again. my daughter was 10 weeks early and weighed 2 pounds. i would sing rick to her and she was singing "Jessie's girl" before a yr old! she is an amazing 11 yr old now and has sang with rick and has posters of him all over her room! just like i used to . except i wont get drunk and rip all of them down like my dad did.  i have met him a few times and each time i feel like i am the only one there and he really is happy to see me! (none of these times were ever paid backstage passes or anything)  in January of this year i was diagnosed with transverse myelitis. it is an inflammation of the spine and causes my legs to randomly not work. it is also usually a pre cursor to m.s. i will find out in a couple of months if i have it or not. any way the thing is my rick music is still calming me and making me feel safe!  i actually want to get my favorite lyric tattooed on my body before i go see him in July. it is"AND THO THE WORLD CAN RAGE AND STORM THERE IS STILL ONE HARBOR WHERE I AM SAFE AND WARM" from "inside Sylvia" you see he is my harbor. the best part of the story is that i wrote him a poem and letter and handed it to him my self! if anyone every means that much to you i hope you get to tell them like i did!!   if you haven't seen him lately and he comes to your area check him out he is amazing and awesome at 60!!!!!!!!! much rick love to all!

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1 Response Apr 24, 2010

lol yes he was. atleast you could afford to see it! lol i am going to have to wait to get the season from the library! he has a slightly twisted sense of humor and thought it was a great spoof of himself. he is a really cool guy and as you read has always and will always mean a lot to me. hope you have a great weekend and thanks for giving me a read!