Cool Dream

i dream about rick from time to time! NO it's not what you think!  yes i do think rick is soooo hot and yes i WOULD DO THAT!!! lol but honestly when i dream about him 99% of the time we talk. sometimes all night. like two  old friends just catching up.  usually when i am having a really stressful time or really big changes are afoot. the other night i dreamed i was at a party at his house. sooooo much fun we hung out all night and talked and laughed and he showed me a small plane that he crash landed. i freaked out on him. you see like i've said before he has been the one true constant in my life for almost 30 years. so the thought of him in danger always freaks me out! he grabbed me by the shoulders and said " you can crash , sister,  as long as you don't crash and burn."  WOW  he just kept saying it over and over. (you mite not believe this next part) when i woke up there was the quote written on a piece of paper i keep by the bed! my life right now is that airplane. i am crashing but i refuse to burn!!! i will survive the changes coming and be stronger for it! thanks pal for continuing to teach me lessons.
darlinsam darlinsam
36-40, F
Jul 24, 2010