Riddle- What's The Gesture?

I'm thinking of a rare manly gesture that doesn't really happen these days.
Jack Dawson from Titanic did this.
It shows that something is not dead.
That something is what made Don Quixote famous?

What am I thinking of?
The first to get it will get something special from me!

Fanny X
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5 Responses Dec 8, 2012

Actually if you read Don Quixote and watch Titanic a lot then you will realize that Jack Dawson and Alonso Quijano do lots of similar gestures. Of course the gesture you were aware of was already identified and that's great.
But i am glad i had time to revisit the movie and the novel and remember why i found them so incredible.

I totally agree with u dear.......I also kind of like this..........

Hey, mate! We know that Don Quixote went mad trying to be chivalrous, we remember that famous scene from Titanic, and let's just say that there aren't that many bitter or cynical gestures that don't happen these days.

No fair how u get it right? grr lol

A hand kiss, ma'am! .
It's a sign of chivalry, right?