Milky's Little Red Riding Crop

I did intend to get a regular riding crop, you know. I had in mind one with a red leather heart-shaped popper on a long black rod.  I was going to get it to use back east when I met a certain gentleman last fall. I was going to give a few light smacks to the beloved *** I was about to peg.  But that plan fell apart, and I hadn't the heart to buy anything just to have it collect dust in my closet.

Until now.

In a fortnight, I'll be with a man for whom I've come to care a great deal.  He is not a masochist by any stretch.  He does like to administer swats with his own riding crop, though.  He likes to turn women's cheeks pink.  And miracle of miracles, he's willing to let me have at his hole with my *******.  An inauguration of my own, as I enter the circle of women who've done this marvelous thing.  But it won't happen the first time we're together, mind you.  He's made it clear he wants to have at my holes first, and as one of them has never been penetrated by a ****, and the other two are only very rarely visited, it's not something to rush through.  I expect he'll linger and make me enjoy every minute of it.

Still, I plan to bring some things to the table.  Early on, we'd joked about riding crops, and I'd thought it might be interesting to thwap his butt cheeks a few times.  I still do, actually.  The sensation is arousing when I get swatted, be it by a hand or a belt.  But if I want to crop my lover's ***,  I could simply commandeer his equipment.

I wanted something special, something different, that demonstrated the softer nature I bring to the mix.  The **** I slide up his butthole won't be soft, but the rest of me is.  And I intend that ******* to be more like the best internal massage the man has ever had than a harsh banging up his back door.  I want to tease and edge and drive him crazy.  And so when I saw the little starburst feather tickler, it seemed like good fun.  I can't wait to use it on him.  To see if I can slowly make his **** stiffen.  To give him some different sensations.  To eventually make him ***.

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3 Responses Jan 17, 2013

did it come with a hood?

sorry - but sometimes I simply cannot help myself. Working on it.

You are not, you liar. ;-D

Lucky, lucky guy... too bad you won't get to try out the crop as well!

I'll borrow his. :-D

to do you anally would be amazing.