I still appreciate Rihanna the artist, but I am very concerned for what she has done in going back to a man that has physically abused her.  I would also presume that along with the physical barrage there was a bit of verbal abuse as well.  This is wrong for her, wrong for women, and it sends the wrong message to many.  It is wrong for a man to hit a woman period, same thing in reverse.  There is nothing to be gained by violence in a relationship.

She is young and does not realize what she is doing (I think) and the message she is sending out.  Also her father, Mr. Fenty, just said he would support her whatever she did instead of telling her to stay away from a man like Chris Brown that has shown a capacity to abuse women and you never know when it will happen again, may never, maybe tomorrow!

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well...she's not with him now!

Apparently Oprah Winfrey and Donald Trump are trying to send her this message also!

i have concerns with this too!

I agree with you Nude.<br />
Its really sad the message it sends to the young girls who listen to her music and look up to her - and the young men listening to Chris Brown's music and admire him - they get taught this sort of behaviour is acceptable - and it just is not.<br />
Right or wrong, when you are a celebrity your actions go beyond just yourself.<br />
I hope she finds the strenght to get out!