My First Rim Job

I was chatting with this girl from the internet, we found out we didn't live far from each other, so we decided to meet.  I had just recently seperated from my first wife and thought, **** it, I want to go have fun.  Not realizing what I was getting into.  Anyway, we decided to meet at a record store across the street from the Sports Arena in San Diego.  She walked up and introduced herself, she was older then I had thought from the pics she sent me, but her body was amazing.  She wore a skirt adn a tank top with no bra.  Her nipples were sticking straight out.  She invited me back to her place.  I thought, wow, I thought we were going to go to a move or something.  Once back at her place, she informed me she had a roommate, but he was out of town.   She led me to her bedroom and ******** naked then pulled my shorts down and started sucking my ****.  I was freaked at first.  I never had a woman just come at me like htis before.  She reached between my legs and started playing with my *** and told me to lay down.  I did, on my back and she said, no, roll over.  Not thinking anythign of it, i did just that.  Next thing I know, i feel her hands on my legs thinking she is going to just give me kisses all over my body....she stopped at my ***, spread my cheeks apart and started licking it....Felt her warm tongue sliding around my ******* and then felt so good. I was shocked that i felt the way i did....she tongue ****** my *** for like 30 min or so, having me put my *** in the air as she reached below and jerked me off at the same time...I told her i was ready to ***, she flipped over, got under me, took my **** in her mouth and I shot my load into her.  she got right back up, spit some of the *** into my *** and licked it all **** stayed hard, we got up, went to the shower where she bent over and told me to **** hre in the ***....

mmm, such i am married to a woman that won't even touch my ***......i would love to find her again someday...mmmmm
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14 Responses Sep 14, 2010

one of the best blow jobs i ever had, she was also a nurse student and massaged my prostate.......didn't ever realize i filled her hand with *** before i even came.....god it's good stuff.

How do you do a rim job? I need advice. Lol my guy wants one but I've never done one. I don't want to suck at it for my first time.

Once in a great while, my wife will tongue my ***. You're right, it is one of the most amazing feelings in the world, next to her fingering my *** while she sucks my ****.

lucky you.. gals who are devoted to eating *** are very hard to find!

Thank you 2wiceasnice.....It was some of the kinkiest stuff I had ever had. Who knew having a girl slide her tongue in my *** and **** my *** with her tongue would be so ******* hot!!!!

Getting hat kind of reaction is the best part about doing it

Omg yes she did

Omg ues

mmmm, you need a woman who loves to rim.....its so yummy!

Damn. I need to get out of the house more often. :-)

oh my werent you luck one!!

I love to eat *** too! Is your *** shaved?

Excellent story; it would be nice to see some pictures of that!

Nice, bet you want to have fun with her all over again.