That Time In The Rain

I was on my way home after doing a show. I think it was September. It was dark, late at night, in a park in the East End of Vancouver that used to be a heavy cruising place. There was no one in the toilets, no one on the bleachers -- another place where men met at night to suck each other. I walked slowly from the toilets, across the tennis courts, toward the adventure playground. All dark and shrouded in shadow. I didn't even see him, so still, so dark, sitting there on the tire swing for the kiddies, until I was passing right by him...

So. Dark. In the park. A place where men meet to put their mouths on each other's genitals. A dark shadowy man on a tire swing on the adventure playground. Cool but not cold. Late. A moon I think, above the clouds. I nearly jump as I pass, and mutter "hi"...

I can't just stop there and stare at him like an idiot. I'm walking, so I keep walking. A little ways. Over to the swings. I lean against the swings and stare out at the night. He glances my way. Two guys each waiting for the other to make a move. I come out with, yes, that same most poetic, most original of park sex pickup lines (you've heard it from me before): "Nice night."

He answers "yes" in a tight dry throat. I grin to myself in the dark. He's nervous. I love a nervous man. I turn to face him full on. I rest a hand on one knee. I watch him. He glances at me. I stare at him. He keeps glancing, I staring. We both wait a long time. I begin to move my hand.

I slide it slowly up my leg, my thigh. I cover my crotch with my hand. I begin to rub myself through my pants. I make sure my hand and arm move so he can see what I'm doing, even in silhouette. There are bright buildings lit behind me far away.

By now he stares straight at me, over his shoulder. He looks away for a moment and fumbles with something. After a long time I see one of his shoulders begin to move rhythmically.

Slowly I walk around in front of him. I stand about ten feet away. Yes, he has his **** out. I can see it now in front of him in the moon. He's stroking it, pumping it gently in his hand. I keep rubbing myself. He stares into my eyes. I come closer and take out my own ****. I caress it sofly. I standing, he sitting. He looks at it, then into my eyes, then down at his own ****, gleaming there. Then back into my eyes. I understand.

I come forward. I kneel between his open knees. He moves his hand away. I bring my face close to his ****. I smell the warm man smell from him. The **** kicks with each beat of his heart.

It's an unusual ****. Sharply curved, so sharply that the head presses against his belly when he lets it go. Curving up, and a little off to his left. Not too big. I like that -- I won't choke. I put my hands on top of his thighs.

His face is ugly, in an interesting way. Sort of like Michaelangelo's. Like a Rodin sculpture, one of the ugly ones. Like he has been battered.

I lean over him. He sighs. I go down. I kiss softly at the base of his ****, breathing the **** smell in deep. I kiss him softly there while I reach up and undo the belt, the button at the top of his pants. He helps me and the pants fall open.

Still so nervous! Breath coming sharp.

We lift his shirt up. His **** tight against his belly. I kiss and lick my way sloowly to the top, feeling his balls through his shorts. The balls are already tight. He's hot for it. I caress his perineum, behind his balls, through the shorts.

I lick the tip. There's moisture at the tip and I taste it. I kiss the head.

Not raining, not yet, just cloudy.

Somehow in all this we get his pants down to his ankles, his underpants too. I put my hand back to behind his balls. He puts his hand o so gently behind my head. He wants me down on him soo bad. I begin to open my mouth as he begins, gently again, to push me down.

His **** slides slowly into my mouth and I begin to suck him fondly. I keep my mouth soft and my teeth away from it. I swirl my tongue around it. It's the perfect size: I can take it all. At the bottom of the shaft he relaxes and I rise up, sucking and licking, to hold the head in my mouth. And at the top he pushes me slowly down to take him all in again. Up and down. Like the tide.

Up and down like the tide, like waves. Like a man sucking another man's ****.

His **** is curved so remarkably sharply, pressing so hard upward, that it's hard to get my head in the right position to hold it. My head is pressed hard against his belly and my mouth feels strained, almost like it's going to get a cramp. I keep sucking and licking. I feel his nipples with my hand. I put my hand back between his legs, slide up and under.

I begin to slide my fingers back along the perineum, toward his ***. He's alive to my touch. He shifts a little to open his legs, open the crack between his cheeks a little.

I stroke the perineum. I stroke the crack. I slide my finger into the crack. He opens, I slide. He opens. I touch his anus. I caress his anus with my finger. His shifting makes the sucking harder but o well. I suck on and play with his *** hole, softly.

I lift my finger away from his *** to my mouth. I smell it and slide it into my mouth, getting it wet. I take the wet finger back to his bottom and stroke it some more, pushing in at the hole just a tiny bit. Take the finger back to my mouth and suck, slide it a little bit further.

He understands very well what I'm about. He opens himself wide to my touch and slides forward on his seat. I lift my head from his **** at last and breathe a sigh of relief from the cramped position. I kiss and lick down the shaft to the base, around the balls, down. Stroking his ***. He understands. He gets up. To his left there's a sort of wide timber shelf, a platform, part of the playground. He turns his back to me over it.

He leans over forward. I kiss the top of the crack in his ***. He arches his back and puts his hands behind him to open himself. I kiss down the crack. He is shaking. It's time. I put my open mouth over his anus. I kiss and tongue it like a mouth. He gasps, staggers, drops his hands and falls onto the platform. He gets up onto the platform on his knees, pushing his *** sharply up and back onto my mouth. I tongue him sweetly all around the hole.

I push my tongue into him. He quivers and moans. His pants are still around his ankles. I start to undo his shoes. Somehow we get a shoe off and one leg out of the pants and underpants. He gets back kneeling onto the platform. I climb up and lie on my back beside him, my crotch near his head, my head near his crotch...

He kneels over me. He undoes my belt and pants and pulls them down a little. He nibbles shyly at my **** shaft but his heart isn't in it... I put my hands above his bottom and pull him down back onto my mouth. He begins to move against me, as if he's ******* my mouth with his bottom -- or vice versa. I put my tongue far into him. He licks a little bit more at my ****. But that's not his thing. My mouth is his thing right now. He ***** and *****.

He is bucking over me wildly now, my tongue in and out of him, past the tight ring and into the darkness, the softness inside. I feel his locks beginning to unlock. I know he's close and I think he'll want to come into my mouth so I slip a finger into him and take his **** into my mouth.

I'm right, and wrong. He's close, but he wants something else. With a cry he pulls out of my mouth and away from my finger. He pushes his anus back to my mouth and I give it to him, moaning. He shudders, locks, opens. Pushes hard against me, his **** on my chest.

And a good time was had by all. All over my sweater. He touches my **** with his fingers and I come too.

By now it's been misting, then raining lightly on us for some time. He tells me as we dress he's never had it like that before. I believe him.

We tried to arrange to meet again, but somehow didn't find each other. I never saw him again.

Thus endeth the Lesson of That Time In the Rain.
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I don't know if it's real but it was well written!
I wish I was that other guy.

Thank you! It was all real.