rivers of myth

thursday 8 september 2011

In addition to the connecticut river, beside which I live, I also have a strong fascination with some other rivers. mythical, mystical ones. the river styx, over which, according to the ancient greeks, the dead sailed to get to the underworld. charon was their boatman. again in ancient greece -- there was said to be a river called lethe. if you drank from her, you forgot your life.

it was heraclitus (another ancient greek), I believe, who gave us the words: you cannot step into the same river twice. this is true. it is also fascinating, the flux of the river's ecosystem. it is also sad... that good and beautiful things so often cannot be kept.

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1 Response Sep 8, 2011

Beau... I don't know the Farmington, but am glad you did. Was an ocean person for 32 years until I got landlocked out here, and the Connecticut running through the center of town has made up in a small way for the loss of the sea.

You torture me, Beau. Salt water on one's feet... longing.