My Favorite Road Trip

I once took a trip for ten days with two friends up highway one. A trip whose only mission was to go further, and further north until we had reached the five day mark for we had to then return before ten days. There was so much anticipation and excitement as we packed and got everything together. Before we knew it we were on the highway and cruising up the California coast line ever northward. The wind was so fresh in our welcoming lungs, the light was so full of the moment as it saturated our hungry eyes, the smiles seemed to flow between us freely along with the silliest of comments and jokes. It seemed there would be no end to the promise of our journey as I felt I was almost dreaming the ongoing vista of ocean, sky, and shore line. Though somewhere lost amongst the skyscrapers of Portland and Seattle we knew of the inevitable, the return to our less liberated way of existence back home. However, this meant so little in the face of those five winding days and still star drenched nights. Then, like an alarm going off early in the morning after a near sleepless night we had gone as far north as we could allow ourselves to go. We knew that we still had five days of return time left, but we where no longer going forward into the unknown but instead back. Like a rocket without enough fuel to break the earths gravitational pull all that was left of our noble endeavor was to follow the laws of gravity to the origins of our dreams. The days changed into silent observation and strained attempts at communication. On the last full day and night before arriving back home we stopped at a camp site and decided to go on a long hike. It was an area where countless great rolling sand dunes collided with a vast and mighty forest. These too opposing elements had been dancing together for thousands of years. In some places the forest had managed to create small sunken islands hidden between deep lulls in the sea of dunes. In other places the golden tidal waves of shifting sand half consumed thousands of trees in various stages of collapse and decay as it imperceptibly crept towards the dense green heart of the forest. As if God had stopped a monumental change in the structure of the cosmos and blessed us to study it like the top scientists of our age. At the crest of one such tidal wave of sand one could see the very tips of full grown, now dead trees barely breaking the surface of the sand. A careless foot or step could easily crush the reaching skeletal finger of one of these mummified giants. I must say though, that the most careful and articulated of descriptions can only blindly grasp at the magnitude of the revelation I had of nature's way. My soul experienced on that day what means nothing to my sense of reason today. I now feel that the entire trip was about that day, when I thought the adventure was nearly over, and that the truth had already been told most eloquently. That day where the dunes met the forrest changed my life, when I least expected it.

CopperCoil CopperCoil
36-40, M
Mar 28, 2008