My Dream

is to go on a big *** road trip all over the US and Canada with my besties from high school and university. NO LOVERS ALLOWED (so people wont be allowed to bring their boyfriends/girlfriends). My friends and I are planning on saving a lot of money for this ****. It will be fun ;))
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I did a pretty big trip like that one year, same rule no hooking up! it was a lot of fun but also a hell of a lot of driving, the US is big! we shoulda gone east coast, more close together, but it was good times, Vegas, Disneyland, grand canyon. could have made a dope montage.

awesome man!! road trips are the **** XD

Can I come?

suree :D it will take years and years tho haha :D

I come... quicker than that :)

lmao...oh dear...

Got ya!!! lol

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