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I Love Rock 'n Roll...

So put another dime in the juke box, baby!  I love rock 'n roll, so come and take your time and dance with me! 

Valentine Valentine 26-30, F 3 Responses Jun 8, 2009

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We had juke boxes in the coffee shop in London at 6d a go The machines where Wherlitzers and the machines in their original condition are changing hands for thousands of u k pounds

Did you see him standing by the record machine?<br />
There are some great old ones, but some good new stuff too. Rock in general is good stuff.

Ya I do appreciate a lot of the old rock. I was listening to the Beatles the other day! It is nice to listen to some uplifting rock too. :)

The Beatles are not real rock & roll you have to go back to the times of Bill Haley And the comets and other bands/groups from around that era

The clothes from the rock and roll era in 2013 cost a fortune if you can still buy them

Drain pipe trousers creape shoes polkadot skirts and heaving dance floor where all the rage Along with the mods and rockers