This place beckons to the climber like a flame to a moth.  I had been before, but it was my first time since becoming a climber.  Rounding the bend to get my first view of the cookie, I had to stop right there for a bit and stand in awe at the sheer scale, as up to that point my climbing had been mostly single pitch sport lines in Southern Illinois.

Upon entering the valley you are surrounded by giants, both figuretively and literally.  El Cap, Leaning Tower, Half Dome and the rest of the parthenon remind you by their stature of the greatness of those in who's footsteps you will literally tread: Royal Robbins, Warren Harding, and Salathe to name a few.

Although after many trips the valley isn't quite as overwhelming as it once was, it remains achingly beautiful, and every once in a while I am reminded of the skill of those in whose footsteps I follow after sweating some bullets on a "classic valley 5.9".

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Love the way you wrote about it....beautiful.

Great story! Yosemite is on the climbing checklist (of course) for me and my wife but we haven't made it there yet. However, we will be climbing So Ill this summer. We've got a week of vacation already planned when we will be driving up from TN to check out the area and see how many climbs we can tick off.

LOL thanks for the memories. I goggled it and the Wawona is still there. Enjoy your climbing and again be careful.

As a child a long long time ago, my family spent ever summer in Yosemite at the Wowona Hotel. Doubt if it's even still there.<br />
I will never forget the mystical beauty. Very special place in my heart. <br />
P.S. Just be careful!