More Than Just Cars, Money And Women.

Everyone always ask why I, someone who is around people who listen to RnB, rap and hip hop, listen to rock. The answer is simple. To me rock has a deeper meaning than just talking about how much money the artist has or how many women are after them. With rock what is said and the way the instruments are played speaks directly to me and I can relate better to the meaning behind rock songs than of those songs which involve materialistic things. Theres always a band for everyone of my moods! What can I say...I love it!
aModernDayJuliet aModernDayJuliet
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1 Response Jun 10, 2010

Yeah hard rock and metal is real music made by people with real talent. To me r&b hip hop what ever is lame, it's like one beat through out whole song, there always singing about "shorty" or being in clubs, nothing with meaning