Rock On The Range

Yup. Sylph was there. From one freakin' thirty to eleven friggin' in the evening. Nine and half hours of solid rock music yesterday. Rock on the Range is my yearly event from now on.

I did miss it last year, their onset here. I believe the first one is in Ohio. Correct me if I'm wrong. I have to do further research on it. But last year was their first in Winnipeg. And it would be held every year here. They just love us. Bunch of crazy rock lovers.

And it was an unbelievable event. Thirteen rock bands performed on two stages, the Main stage and the Jägermeister stage. Which by the way, if you don't know Jägermeister, heck... you need to try it to appreciate it. Would just bring you sky high. The downfall may not be as uhm... appealing... but it is a good drink, a good whacking herbal liquer!

So anyway, each band performed about an hour each one stage after the next. I basically stayed with the main stage. There was Danko Jones (he talks a lot), Crash Karma (I started to get hyper), Finger Eleven... aaaaaahhhhh! I cried... damn it. As soon as the first note was played, I shrieked! And my friends all had these big eyes staring at me, including the people around us. Because I knew... One Thing... aaaahhhh!!! I felt the song so much... that tears just kept falling. Damn, they were just good.

Then we had Buckcherry. Ohhhh... you have to love this guy! Tattooed all over his chest (and he reminds me so much of Mick Jagger), he ******** and just went with the crowd. He is an awesome performer. By the time he sang All Night Long, we were all just high and crazy.

Then came Three Days Grace... everyone has been waiting for them... and we were able to get near the very front. But man, that is a crazy place to be in for a rock concert. People are crazier up front but we had to go there because one friend is so in love with them that she promised to flash her boobies. And she did! I'm so proud of her. haha...

The crowd really got unruly. Too many people being carried over our heads. And some are just friggin' heavy. Shoes and fip flops were flying everywhere. My friend got a cut in her forehead because of a broken cocktail cup hurled around. Then came the mosh pit.

It started with the pushing. I was slowly being taken away from my group. We were 12 but started to get scattered. More so for me! You have to understand. Sylph is small. I was being pushed farther and farther away. Mr. Sylph could not protect me. I could not even reach him anymore even if my arms were extended. Farther and farther... getting sucked in the mosh pit... push... shove... then wham! I see people being hit right on their jaws as they get in the pit. My mouth was just hanging open... then a big hand grabbed my right shoulder. I turned to look. And there was this big older gentleman who shouted at me, "Honey, you better get out of there fast". Yanked me away from the grabbing and pushing, paved the way for me to walk back (he is really big so the crowd just parted to give way) while shouting "give way, give way". Asked me if I'm alright. Then he went back in the crowd again. Never saw him again. But he was a sentient creature who just saved a faerie from a brutal mosh pit.

That's Three Days Grace for you. The whole stadium just went under.

Then came Godsmack.
Can I just say I love him? omg! He is absolutely amazing! Sully Erna... aaaahhhhh! Gorgeous and just rawrrrrr! He battled with their drummer and like, can I just fall over? He has an awesome husky voice and with that talent... rawrrrr... yum!

The finale was Stone Temple Pilots. Lots of singing, dancing, and jumping. I probably lost five pounds with them on the stage. And though their music is really awesome, I think Scott Weiland was very much stoned last night.

And so the faerie bid Rock on the Range goodbye... and would certainly try and watch again next year... and every single year.
Sylphy Sylphy
41-45, F
2 Responses Aug 8, 2010

Yay yay yay!!! I have Des and Gee for sure. You both are nearer to me. *bouncing up and down* Dean better start driving... you might want to pick up Lady on your way, Dean...<br />
<br />
Oh guys... wish you can make this true. It would be so awesome having all of us there. And for the men, Dean and Gee... please make sure you can take care of us. Mosh pits are so unpredictable. Mr Sylph argued with me so he could come (Yes, I didn't buy him the ticket at first... like whatever for... d-uh)... but he insisted... fine... and for what??? Couldn't even help me during the pushing and shoving... grrr... pretty useless I must say. Sorry... but I was just too disappointed having him around. He doesn't even know the bands!!! Aaaarrrrgghh...

*grabs Lady and whisks her off to Rock on the Range* and they say the bands keep getting better and better every year... can't wait!!! errr... how far are you from here?...<br />
<br />
Des... you have to come next year! it will be awesome having you there. we'll get a hotel. it's just right across the stadium. say you'll go...<br />
<br />
Okay Dean... mark it... always on the month of August. that's a looooong drive though. very looooong drive. but the warped tour i'd like to go, too. *bounces up and down while marking in faerie calendar*...