Let There Be Rock!!!!

rock is my obssession, rock is my friend, rock is the way i wanna be, a method of living free, rock is something tells who you are
and if you like rock than you're cool  cause rock makes you so.
but i'm kind of pissed how that rock is no longer rock, if people believe that avril lavigne is doing rock than the world is ******!!
if people believe that the jonas brothers are doing rock than it's judgement day
please we want band  to proof that rock is still alive after 2008
i hate the fact that crap is all around and still others call is rock, rock is no crap
so let there be rock, true hot rock and let us believe in ti
littlefreak25 littlefreak25
1 Response May 20, 2011

If people call that rock than they have committed heresy lol. I love heavy metal, that's the best. The bands I listen to play music that is well worth listening to. I would rather listen to something that I can rock out to instead of something that could put me to sleep.