Life Has A Rhythm, And Mine Rocks!

Variety, thats what separates rock from any other genre. don't like the classics? try prog, or hair metal, or any of the other off shoots of rock music. Everything about rock is varied, no two songs sound the same, and even when a song is covered it can sound completely different to the original. *cough* Hendrix *cough*
When I hear people blaring dance noise out in the street I can't help but think it's a record stuck repeating the same four bar beat over and over. 'pop' music makes me want to throw Zepplin and Maiden CD's at people shouting "LISTEN TO THIS! THERE IS MORE TO MUSIC THAN WHAT THE MEDIA TELLS YOU!"
Whats my favourite genre? Rock and up!
naturalenglish naturalenglish
2 Responses Nov 7, 2011

HAH where have you been all my life? I feel like throwing CDs at people all the time! I'll do one better, let's throw record pla<x>yer's and LP's at everyone. Anybody up for some Physical Graffiti?? lol