The Reason Why I Love Rock


some people say rock is for the faint hearted... may be some people say rock is for loosers that they cant stand their own life so they listen to others sing it out... well i say so wat? ya i have some problems in my life.. ya i dnt have strong heart... but when i listen to rock and let the sound of the guitar, drums... singer get inside my head ... i dnt feel weak anymore, its like all my problems have been solved, and that theres no one out there who can touch me.

i dnt know about u rock lovers but this is why i love rock and why i never get tired of listening to it.   

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1 Response Feb 12, 2010

I agree with you. My friends say the music is depressing, scary, suicidal and all that crap but i find that when i'm down, rock always gets me back on my feet.<br />
Rock"n"roll foreverer!