Stone Crazy

Some people collect certain things that has value, but not me, i collect stones. I have spent hours on the hunt for the prettiest, oldest , colorfulest stones around everywhere i go. I have a rock bed that when folks come by to visit, i can't get them to pay attention to anything else. ;) I have walked fields for years in search of stone artifacts. I have dug at mines for gem stones. I have all kinds, shapes, sizes of beauty all around, inside and outside of my house.

I know that throughout time, stones have been used to practical uses like heating homes, and served to be essential in scared rituals. Look at the Stonehenge or Easter Islands, these stones still amaze and make us go...hmmm. The Native Indians used stones in their sweat lodges.

I have been given a gift, it's a kit and how to do, hot and cold stone massage therapy. Filled with Basalt stones. A new adventure, a new thing to learn and study. Sounds wonderful, something i could share with a loved one or friend... a sensory adventure. To me it sounds like a totally relaxing comfort therapy, for mind and body.

It tells the benfits of the stones. From head,hands to feet, to surrounds the body.. It can help blood pressure, arthritic and stiff jounts, relieve headaches, help the lungs, stomach, kidneys, muscles and nervous system.. So, i begin a new study, how to layout the stones in their certain ways to help heal. I am excited, now i need a victim to practice on! ;)
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1 Response Feb 18, 2012

lol u cant say that rocks dont have values!