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Back when I was in College at Illinois Tech I heard that students at the Institute of Design there had to come up with something that "felt good", a trivia bit stored away in my brain until maybe ten years later when someone gave be a rock that fit nicely in my hand, cylindrical, worn smooth either as a river rock or in a tumbler; it also was nice to look at as it was a pretty green. I carried that in my pocket for a number of years but then like much stuff from my past - it dropped from sight.

I never much thought about rocks as interesting objects in themselves again until I moved to my current home. It's located very near the top of a hill. There is a ridge crest slopping down to the road in front and the front yard was built up behind a retaining wall of big field-stone rocks in front. One side just sort of slopes on its own down but the other side of the elevated yard also has a retaining wall of rock because of the driveway which is cut into the hill to access the garage under the main floor bedroom. Then the other side of the driveway as a lower retaining wall, also of rock protecting the drive from the side yard, lower than the front.

When this place was built it seems like the plan was to use many different kinds and shapes of rocks where possible (and many different kinds and types of trees, but that's a digression and I won't go into that here). Rocks like these:
that are in the retaining wall along the drive holding up the front yard. This is a decorative rock on the top of the side wall. A very interesting rock, looking like bubbles extruded under water. I think possible somebody dumped concrete under water or something like that - but I wonder if some sore of volcanic action but most possible would be something like a collection of coprolite balls.
This was a small different rock as a decoration (or maybe a don't-sit-here) along the top of the front wall.

The wall on the other side of the drive is much lower. This is one of the rocks there. I wonder what gave it the undulating surface some of the other rocks in the walls also have. Did the rocks come from this immediate area?

This one I have been saving for last. It was a favorite of the cat Papi who would sit on it often. After Popi left us Yoshi took to using it. Kitty never does, he prefers the big flat yard or the top of my car.

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many rocks appear beautifuk

This post ROCKED tommy! For real!! :D I love rocks and stone walls and stone fireplaces and I guess all the other ways they show up too...I love to go to one of our local but more out of the way beaches and just wander around the rocky areas and sit on the ones flat enough to allow it....I LOVE the bigger retaining wall you have. They started BIG and their back must have got tired and the got wayy tinier!! I always wonder who the peeps were who made things like that....If only the rocks could talk!!

Yes, it would be very interesting. The original owner of our home has the same name as our street so one might assume first on the block. Would love to know more. Probably/maybe no street but just a driveway at first? Was the road placed at a lower grade requiring the retaining walls (ours is not the only one on the block), was the garage under the bedroom original or was there only the "carriage house"? And no answers.

Yup....The History of who lived where we live now is something that always interests me....

beautiful. and -- that really does remind one of coprolite. is there some in your area?

I just read a USGS report of geology of the area and it didn't mention fossils in general nor coprolites in particular, did mention metamorphic and igneous - if the words I could understand meant that. Then I did a Google search for coprolite and got no hits on anyplace near here.

more things that make one go hmmm.


Yes, and yes.