Impromptu Role Play Of A Young School Girl......

Last night, I got home from work and decided to shower again. I primped a bit and put on this short blue plaid skirt with a tight white top and some smokin' heels. I just felt like dressing up and had no intention of role playing when.....

He walked into the room and said, "Have you done your homework yet, young lady?"
I laughingly said, "Oh, no. Maybe later." So he walked up to me and grabbed me by the arms. He looked into my eyes and said, "You are a naughty little girl. Do you think this is a joke?"
"No, sir!" I replied, getting wet and into the fantasy immediately.
"You need to be punished, young lady," he said as he sat down. He pulled me over his lap and saw my bright red panties. "What is this? These aren't regulation panties! ****, answer me NOW!"
"Sir, I didn't have any clean white panties, so I thought it would be better to wear these instead of nothing. My mom didn't get to the laundry this week. I am sorry. I promise........,"
I got so excited as he slipped my panties down my legs slowly. I knew what was coming.
Slap, slap, thwack, went his huge hand on my now bare ***.
"Ouch, sir. Please stop. This hurts. If you let me up, I will do my homework right now and then go home and do my laundry. I promise to wear a regulation uniform tomorrow. Just stop spanking my bottom, PLEASE!!" I begged.
Thwack, slap, slap.... This went on, with his hand reigning down on my now reddened behind. It stung really badly. But, I suddenly felt his ****, which had somehow slipped out of his cotton shorts, growing hard and throbbing against my leg. This made me terribly wet and I knew that, if he found out, I would get in BIG trouble!
Suddenly, I felt his hand slip between my legs. "What have we here? You are a horny little ****, arent you? Your ***** is dripping wet!", he whispered in a suddenly raspy voice. "Youre actually enjoying this, aren't you, ****?", he said as his hand continued its assault on my sore red bottom.
I couldn't deny the obvious pleasure I felt and decided to give in to it and be honest. "Yes, Sir. My ***** feels all tingly. As soon as I felt your **** throbbing on my leg, I got excited. I am sorry," I moaned as I humped his leg for release.
"Stop rubbing your juicy wet ***** on my leg. I don't want to waste the honey that is dripping out of your nasty little hole. Lay down and let me give you a real tongue lashing as your final punishment, you horny little ****," he yelled.
I immediately complied, not wanting to get into more trouble......

To be continued??
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I haven't been able to figure out how to edit the story, but I wanted to let everyone know that I wrote this character as is an 18 year old high school student. The woman playing that character is a 32 year old mom of two and her husband is a 38 year old male. IRL, this couple loves to have fun with role plays of many different characters and it enhances their love life very much! ; )

love the post would like to see more!!!