Massage Night

i always love being massaged, so one time my hubby said if i can find someone to give me a massage he would let one time i got talike to an older guy on a site and we talked role play, and we arranged to go ahead and do it, so that night hubby agreed and would go to bed early, and i showered and prepared myself ,deep inside i was shaking and scared but my thrill was urging me on, the time had come and the door bell rang i knew it was him even tho i had never seen his face, i took a deep breath and let him in, i was wearing a see thru nightie and he commented on how horny i looked, we went to the livingroom and i offered him a drink, we chatted for a while and i paraded around in my nightie know he could see my fully erect nipples and round peachy bum thru it..

i got out a duvet and placed it on floor and removed my nightie, as i lay down he guy had brought his own massage oils and scented candles, he slowly began running his hands over my body sending tingles all over me, i felt so relaxed yet kinda horny too. his warm hands slowly reached my bottom and caressed my cheeks in oil his hands slowly slid down between my cheeks ,i started to shake with excitement ,making me raise my buttocks slightly, his fingers then slid over my wet ***** teasing my outer lips,

he noticed im aroused and slowly teases my ***** with his fingers, i can feel he is also aroused and his hard **** in his trousers brush against my leg, i reach for it and touch it ,he whispers do you wanna play i nod my head, he unzips his fly and pops out his throbbing member, i grasp it and can feel it pulsate in my hands, i slowly start to **** him and he slips a few fingers inside my wet *****......

the guy says would i like to have my ***** licked , i instantly agree and spread my legs wide apart...he starts to eat my ***** driving me wild with groans, i tug his **** and and asks if he wants it sucked ...he pulls his trousers and underpants down and i start to suck and lick his throbbing member feeling it twitch in my mouth, he lies on top in a 69 position my hands grab his hard butt cheeks and cup his full swollen hairy balls,, making his **** twitch faster and groan with pleasure,, he pushes more fingers inside my vagina and licks my **** harder making me arch my back and i cant hold on, i *** so hard and soak his fingers in juices,,,,

i ask does he want to *** and if so he can shoot his hot sticky load over my hard nipples ,which after a few hard tugs of his stiff **** he lets out a roar and covers my little ******* in his ***.....

we have a quick kiss and i thank him for the massage and he says no thank you for a fun night.....and with that he leaves,,,

i loved that night but can never seem to find some like that .......
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I have my own massage oils! I'll be right over...

you can now see our pics and what we get upto on,,<br />
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these we taken today


me me!!!

yes we are in birmingham uk,,,,

DO YOU LIVE IN THE UNITED KINGDOM . . respected mature trusted gent age61years young .