I wrote a book that is encourages couples to explore Sexual Role Playing. It has written scripts for couples to act out.


Set the stage for a hotter sex life with SCRIPTS 4 PLAY. 
SCRIPTS 4 PLAY creates a romantic - and at times naughty- sexual playground where imagination and fantasy help couples to sustain or recreate their passion. This collection of erotic plays turns couples' homes and bedrooms into sensual stages upon which they can explore new and exciting forms of seduction.

These plays encourage couples to communicate, connect, and commit- and to be conscious of each other's desires and feelings. A mandatory requirement of SCRIPTS 4 PLAY is that couples have fun exploring their sexuality. All the scripts are entirely women-friendly and empowering.

Seductress Seductress
3 Responses Mar 19, 2009

Sounds wonderful!

Where can I find your book?

sounds like fun!