School Knickers

I have love girls knickers from i was 13 when the girl next door would come in and play in my house after school with me she would sit on the floor and i would look up her skirt and see her white cotton knickers and she new i was . Then one day she lost at card game and threw them around the room i ask her to pike them up alleles i smack her bottom she told me that i would have to catch her as she ran upstairs as i ran after her looking up her skirt as she did. She ran in to my room and jump on to my bed i pull her over my lap and lift her skirt and look at her knickers over her bum and started to smack her after 6 smack she look around and told my if i was going to do it do it harder i did not need telling agen we had lots of fun after school and on school hols will tell you more if you like to hear them
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