Well shortly after a terrible episode I've had...I decided to create my own roleplay forum that I've named 'Roleplay Manor'
It's quite simple and it's multi-genre so anyone can register and post up whatever floats in their boat provided they follow the rules assigned to them.

The link can be found at the following address :

I'm of course looking for more members to participate into the site and am aware it's going to take me a lot of hard work and dedication but I'm sure it will work out. If I've made it all the way to here, I can make it :)

Roleplay Manor is created for those of you who like play-by-text posts of course, it's aimed at catering to ALL roleplaying needs that's why there are various rooms with various different categories.

Hope to hear from you all soon enough

Galfoy Galfoy
26-30, F
1 Response Aug 18, 2014

It says the place doesn't exist. :-(