I admit im a bit of a ****. But I think it's good to be a sexually empowered women. I love sex with men and sometimes women, slow, passionate sex, sometimes with strangers, sometimes people. I love the intense feeling as a boy **** inside me, I love everything about sex. I may be a ****, but no one can say sex isn't good! <3
Slutbunny101 Slutbunny101
26-30, F
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would love to talk with you. have you enjoyed an BBC yet?

Can u add me

Love to have sex with u

Mmm I agree babe

Nice one ;)

Though have you ever had sex while tied and gagged? Indeed it is a different experience altogether ;-p

No I'm not a pornstar :p

Though there are many "normal" girls who love this type of activity. Just wondered if you were in that group. No offense meant ;-)

Lol ok

Fantastic attitude! There is nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants, and just goes for it!

mmm so sexy


Fuccckkk yeah... My type ok girl ;) I'd love an add. Love the name btw haha :p

Thanks! Haha sure chat to me anytime ;)