It's My Weakness!

I love romance! It's the greatest thing in the world! I have only experienced it twice in my life... one of those times were with Momo! Heehee! I thought it was oh-so-romantic for him to send me his bear-hat! It had his scent on it, clove cigs and cologne, and I was shocked that he would give up his cool hat to me! Me??? Wow....

I wore it almost every day, but had to stop, as I was annoying my family with it. Well, scaring the crap out of my mother, because she kept thinking that a wild bear got into the house! I guess it doesn't help that I wear all black and the hat is black too...  XD

But that was the most real and romantic gesture that I ever had! And I was so giddy, thinking that Momo's hair was inside that hat and now my hair was there! So, it was like we were holding hands, but with hair! Whoo-hoo! :-D

As for the other romantic gesture, it was a rose... but that doesn't count! The guy was just being romantic to scam me later... it wasn't real. So, it basically didn't happen. =p

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Mar 26, 2009