Seeing Titanic With My Man :)

The day after the best day of my life came another best day (if you haven't go read the story of my first kiss!!). My boyfriend took me to see titanic. It was so sad, but I don't really cry at movies. Anyway when we got there we sat down in the way back. Somewhere after the first hour he tried to find my hand. Noticing it wasnt within his reach, he tried to pretend he wasn't trying to hold it. I then grabbed his after he retreated. I noticed his smile out of the corner of my eye and I think he noticed mine bigger than ever. I couldn't stop. I was there with the guy I haven't been able to stop liking after a year. It was so perfect an I was so happy. :). Then, I don't know what part of the movie it was, he looked at me and squeezed my hand to catch my attention. I looked at him and he leaned it right away and started to kiss me. We basically kissed for five minutes in the back row. Good thing there was only one other woman there way ahead of us!! Anyway after we kissed and the movie ended, we walked out of the theater. He told me how happy he was and how much he liked me :) and in the middle of him trying to explain not asking me to the dance, trying to save himself, I leaned in and kissed him. For a while. A long while. Or at least it felt like that. My heart was beating so fast because I was so happy. I went home and that's basically what happened. It wasn't too Lon ago so not much has happened after that :) but I live him so much, thanks for reading an please comment!!!
Lovergirl1011 Lovergirl1011
13-15, F
Apr 22, 2012