Is it too much to ask for to meet a man like the men I read about in books???

Like… Jamie Fraser, from the outlander series? Does a man like that exist? A man who is strong and sexy who has honor, compassion and innocents???

What about a man that comes straight out of a book that Sophie Kinsella wrote? A man who is responsible, works hard and intelligent….

Even a man like Mr. Grey……. Need I say more??

Hello world, where are these men???? Please tell me where I can find them with directions….
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Nice guys are around
social network
Sites include a lot of different kind people
There are some guys in here who are balanced people I am sure.

Sad there is lot of sex crazy guys on here. Just have give them
Have fun

prince charming is true only in fairy tails

LOL'd. If you ever find such directions, share them with me please. I'd appreciate it VERY much :D