As One With A Romantic Personality...

I love giving the romantic gifts that no-one else thinks of.

My last ex was totally surprised one time when after a phone conversation while she was with her kids at a summer camp I overheard something in the background. I heard her daughter say "This camp sucks when its raining cause they don't have anything to do inside!"

The next day from what I heard from her sister who was also camping with them that she was almost in shock when the Main Office called for her to come and pick up a package at the desk that was just delivered by courier. She was even more surprised to open it up and find Travel Scrabble, Travel Battleship and a deck of cards.

She told me she was totally blown away when she thought the box was empty and heard something rattling in the bottom. She found a bracelet with musical charms on it, which was greatly appreciated since she is after all a musician.
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What a thoughtful gift from a kind heart.

ohhh..that's too amazing!