My Most Romantic Gift


I had been with a very special man for a little over 2 yrs. when he was laid off from his job with no severance package (NOTHING) and it just happened to be before Valentines Day.  We were young and didn't have much money anyway so I hadn't expected to receive anything that year.  Valentine's morning rolled around and he came over to my house beaming because not having any money forced him to put a lot of thought into the gift he was about to give. I thought it was strange that he was dresses in a ring masters suit but didn't question it.  He led me to the backyard where he had set up a plastic punching clown ($2.00 at a Dollar Store)..... a bag of peanuts. cotton candy....balloons, his dog, and several hula-hoops.(to represent the rings)  He then began to talk like the ring announcer in that deep voice saying Ladies and Gentleman in ring number one presenting a reenactment of the best day in this man's life."  Well needless to say long before he had his dog jumping though the hula-hoop of fire.  (not real fire guys) I was crying.  See one of our first dates was to go to the Circus.  I had so much fun that afternoon and had always told him that it was one of my best first dates ever.  To do this day he is still one of my best friends and that was decades ago.  I still have the bag that the cotton candy was in to this day in a box with all my special memories of life. 

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my most romantic gift giving me by my girlfriend it was amazing...romantic gifts

That is one of the most romantic things I ever heard!

Smart boy. That bit of extra thought always goes a long way. It is a lesson we all need to remember.. Thank you FG. Xx

Smart boy. That bit of extra thought always goes a long way. It is a lesson we all need to remember.. Thank you FG. Xx

It truly is the little things that mean the most.

That was sweet. Sometimes its the little things that count

so sweet......keep going

No, mine says "you've written 58,751 comments that received 89,490 likes (see all)"


It is a very special memory. ((hugs))


i lost count of what story this is.. damn how bad is that? Oh well.. Um sounds good since you enjoyed it.

He has an EP account although I haven't seen him on here a lot lately. I will call him in the next couple of days and ask him if I can give his screenname to you.

I'm interested! =) but not in that way how can contact him

He was a sweetie.

That was the sweetest!! :-)

Oh he is a very nice guy and newly available again if anyone is interested.

Wow this story just killed me it's so wonderful this guy must be amazing haha I hope that ur friendship will last long. Even if u both r not romantically together =)

yes, we were! Thanks JR!

So romantic and special. You are both so very lucky.

Its so Beautiful,,,,,,,,,,,

I would prefer gifts from the heart to any of these.

Thanks Hal.

Awww y'all are sweet together.<br />
<br />
Cafe, simple is a lot better. it is simple things in life that makes me happy, cream in my coffee for example.

Thanks fg, you are right. I finally wised up and caught a great one.

How sweet it's the thought that counts , how romance is heartwarming ,, simple is better ;)

Awww but you caught the best one so I should envy you.

I envey you, fg, I went for years not allowing a woman to get close to me emotionally and dismissed some really romantic acts of theirs as bullshit. My loss.

You're welcome. he is a nice guy.

Very romantic! He sounds like creative, romantic and funny, great combination for a man. thanks for sharing, wonderful story...

Thanks sweetie

Got to get back to what brought you together in the first place, I need to do that.<br />
<br />
Great thoughts FG.

I still pull out my scrapbook and look at that bag sometimes. He is a great guy.

He is a very sweet young man and he still does off the wall stuff for me sometimes.

That was very sweet of him

That is SO ROMANTIC.. See guys, all it takes is a little THOUGHT.. it's not about the $$$

Hey there again mother. You are all over the place here,. Nice to see you again.

No Sugar we aren't....He is a good friend...If you think this one was great read..... and you will love it.

aw that is so sweet and sentimental