Gimme Gimme...

Most of us ( men AND women) love to receive gifts. Be it something you might be 'expecting', or even little suprises.

I think the best romantic gifts are the ones given with the other person in mind. ( or the couple as a whole). Something that puts a 'connection' between the two.  Anyone can go out and buy a 'random' box of candy, grab a bunch of flowers etc. But... when its done for a specific reason ( or just because ) its always more heartfelt. And isnt that what romance is all about???  the HEART!

And not all gifts need to have a price tag attached to them!

How about a *HUG* ( when your are having a lousy day), as opposed to a pretty gift wrapped package??   I'll always appreciate that more.

Now dont get me wrong.... a pretty litle ring or shiny bauble in a velvety box works too!!  LoL.

SweetHoney SweetHoney
1 Response Mar 20, 2008

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Nothing I hate more than, FAKE ( people ).