Thought and Effort Are the Key

A romantic gift to me is way more about the thought and effort put into it than about the amount of money it costs.

I would rather be surprised with a picnic on the beach than with dinner at a five star restaurant.  Flowers for no reason except that you are thinking of me are always better than flowers for an occasion, or an apology, and they don't have to be an elaborate arrangement either.  Notes are awesome, little love notes left where I will find them later are so sweet...

I also love giving these types of gifts the best.

On our 10 year anniversary, I gave my husband 5 boxes representing different stages of our marriage, beginning with the day we met and ending with our "now" box, where I gave him a weekend in a private cabin in the mountains.  It took me about a month to put it all together, shopping for all the little "things" for each box, and pictures and construction paper and craft scissors were my life!  Then I decorated our whole bedroom with hearts... one red feather one I had picked up is still hanging on the wall above our bed :)

It was great!  He was really surprised and grateful for all I had done, and it made me feel really good to put it together for him.  When we got back from the cabin, he took all the things from the boxes that could be saved and packed it all up and put it away in our attic.  He said he wanted to open it again on our 20 year anniversary...

How romantic...

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5 Responses Apr 13, 2008

We def. did have our moments of wonderful throughout the years we were together. It is a shame that things got so bad between us the last few years we were married. There is no romance to be found in the bottom of a beer can, Rog. Sad but true.

Notes are the best, aren't they? It's been so long since my husband left me any that I kind of forgot how nice they are to find. We used to leave them everywhere for each other. Where did I put that damn bottle of tequila anyway? I think I will start without ya'll ;)

I love notes. I love leaving notes where my guy will find them throughout the day... I also took a que from the ex and I wrote a note today to AC and then took a pic of it and sent it to him on the cell phone. <br />
<br />
The most romantic thing that a man ever did for me was one of the EP guys that I had taken to real life. He knows I love expressing myself in words and that I enjoyed his writing immensely. For Valentines Day he wrote a sensual story about me and him in the streets of Chicago. It was hot, sexy, and romantic all rolled into one. I won't post it HBY but I will let you read it sometime. It was awesome. I think I posted a story about it. It may be in this experience.

Sounds wonderful and I am happy to see someone else find. Love is a action word not a feeling. !!My husband is romantic also. One time when he has to go away for some training he sent me a flower arrangement every day at work. On the last day before he came home he bought me a Versace' dress and had it shipped to me same day. It was beautiful and sexy. We have picnics all the time either on our boat, in bed and even in the hot tub after bike riding 40 miles together. He means the world to me. Not because of the "things" but because of the love he puts into us. I thank god everyday for letting us find each other. I love my Mister M!!

You are a romantic. Lucky Guy!!