my ex of 5 months was so romantic...he treated me like a princess...for valentines day, he took me out to dinner, got me this monkey, harry potter box set, a big box of candy, and of COURSE, roses...he got me a dozen roses every month we were together, and i would take one rose and dry it out and attach it to this fake rose that he got me, which he said "ill love you till the last petal falls" and if course i thought it was adorable but corny...and every month he would get me a cheap walmart ring just because. whenever he just wanted to be sweet he was sooo night hes like hey come upstairs to my room i know we gotta go but i need help bringing stuff out and i was like matt, NO, your already freaking late, and now we are gonna be stuck in traffic, just go and get them and lets go! and hes like please come? and im like i walk upstairs and heres this teddybear and a vase of bright pink roses on his desk...if you didnt know, pink roses are the way to my heart...or lillies... so at the sight of this i started crying, as lame as it is, and i was just so happy...i loved him so much...and even though there was countless times i would go through so much gas just to see him and bring him back to school with me for a few days, and go through so much money to get him food and stuff to drink, i still feel like i wasnt good enough to room mate insists i was way better to him...but idk...


either way, the gifts he gave me were amazing. it really captured me and was why i was so in love with him up until he dumped me.

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He broke up with me after a fight. we fought, then we made up, went to dinner, and we were walking back to the car, and i said are you really sure this is what you want? type thing, and he said you know, i dont know...i dont think i can be with you anymore. and 2 seconds before he was telling me i love you im not going anywhere. and i started to let my guard down. I tried calling him many times after the break up hysterical, just trying to get a solid reason WHY. I told him whatever i had done, id change, and i was sorry, and he said he just wasnt mentally with it right now, and couldnt be with me. he said he KNEW he would regret it, but he had to let me go. I knew then, that it was OVER. He was already gone. A part of me wonders if maybe he cheated...and couldnt live with the guilt...idk ill NEVER know. but its been 1 year this month and i see his fiance is pregnant, so he must have recovered idk. its over now, and im happy, and hes happy. 2 people that were happy one minute, and not the next. hes just not the guy for me. thats all.

how did he breakup with you?

did you, in any way, try to win him back?