I like bondage... and when the opportunity came up to help a friend that had taken some workshops on rope bondage/Shibari I was happy to help out.
We spent countless hours practicing the art and I discovered something surprising.

Bondage made me feel free.

Bondage released me.

Yes, of course I was bound, many times unable to move much at all... But the relaxation that came with it was a freedom I hadn't experienced.

I think it's all about giving control of myself over to someone I had total trust in.

So it's not all about being restrained, but being able to let go...
LilTease LilTease
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4 Responses Feb 3, 2013

Very well said

You certainly captured well the essence of what being bound the right way can bring about in a person. Wonderful that you discovered that amazing freedom :)

exactly. Just like submission is about growing strong...

Really like this and glad you have found out what bondage really is. TRUST