The Master

I have enjoyed watching Roseanne for many years. It was a well written, clever and creative sitcom. I don't really like sitcoms; yet, this one was good. The cast fit well together and their lives changed over the years it was on. So many sitcoms seem to stand still and not grow or change over the years. This one did. Jackie's personality changed completely from the beginning of the show to the end. People do change in real life, why not characters on a show? I must admit I liked her single personality much more than after she had her child and eventually married. All the characters changed, not just Jackie. I was really amazed that the first Becky, Alicia Goranson decided to leave the show for a year so she could attend college and then returned. During which time Sarah Chalke assumed the role. It was disjointing for the viewers. It worked. I loved when Alicia returned, they made a joke about how she had changed. Darlene, played by Sara Gilbert changed too. She was the tomboy who didn't like boys and then next thing you know, she's interested, asking Becky for advice. Just like in real life. I also liked the occasional characters, like the neighbor Crystal Anderson who eventually married Dan's father. Or Roseanne's friend Vonda Green. These characters had depth as well as the regular members.

I really enjoyed the first seasons. They were the most creative and endearing of the series. I really liked the halloween shows. My favorite being 'The Master'. It was so creative and funny.

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Maybe sometime we can watch it together destiney24 :~)

Yes, that's true for me as well phoenix47. I think some conformists don't like it when someone rocks the boat. I don't have to agree with all her opinions to think she's a funny comedian.