Cesar My Boy!!

I got my first Rottweiler just 5years ago. I am a mother of 6. I raised him along with my children. He was a German rott huge head and very muscular! He was BEAUTIFUL! He was the sweetest dog I have ever known! Cesar never had a mean bone in his body! Never showed any aggression towards anyone,,ever!! From the moment I got him people showed great prejudice agganist him! These people did not know anything about him,,how sweet and loving he was! Neighbors would call animal control all the time just because of his breed!! When the animal control would come out,,,there he was sitting on their feet loving on them. Just recently a neighbor came to my house and accused him of killing their cat. Cesar was in the house when the cat was killed! They did not see him but because he was a rott. They assumed it was him. The cat was a white cat,,,no blood or puncture wounds on the cat. Now if he had got ahold of that cat we all know there would be more damage!! Plus he lived with 2 cats. Animal control came out along with the police. He didn't have a chance,,,they were all against him! My sweet boy was put down,,I can't get over this,,I have nightmares,, because of this I wake calling his name,,yelling to my husband we have to find Cesar!! ANGER AND PAIN IS WHAT IS IN MY HEART!! I need to find a group that supports this breed,,,if anyone knows of one please let me know. Thank u!
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3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

People are so inconsiderate.

I know that it's been a while, but I am soooo sorry for your loss :'( I can't even imagine the pain and sorrow you went through. Together, we can change the opinions of a totally misunderstood breed!!

I am sooo sorry to hear about what they did to you and ur family. I have rott's and they are apart of my family and to lose one like you did would be so hard.
how long ago was this? are you thinking about getting another one?